Thursday, March 18, 2010

Two Months into Treatment and the News is Still Good...

Note: This post was published March 31, 2010

I had blood work done earlier this week and my transplant coordinator called me with good news - my liver enzymes have really dropped. From their highs of nearly 500 and 600, they are now in the 80s and just over 100. I believe it's been, maybe, two years since they've been this low.

Of course, given the craziness of Hep C, these lower numbers don't mean that my liver isn't inflamed or becoming more damaged (although higher enzyme levels indicate the opposite). Huh? This isn't logical at all. Nonetheless, it MUST benefit my liver in some fashion and I'm taking it at face value.

This progress makes it easy to manage the inconveniences and side effects of treatment. My list of treatment-related complaints is small and I know how fortunate I am to tolerate it this well. Fatigue is still the big issue for me... and not far behind is "brain fog." (The combination of menopause and the meds leaves me with the cognitive function of a pre-teen with ADD; if only I could remember - and finish - one thing.)

Over the weekend I learned about "Riba rash" - apparently, Ribavirin can cause a host of skin problems including red, itchy rashes that sometimes creates blisters. A small patch popped up on my torso, but it looks like it might fade and disappear. (FYI - I used Eucerin Calming Cream and the itching.stopped.)

My next visit to the lab (April 12) is the BIG ONE. My viral load will be measured and the following week I'll visit my transplant center for a discussion about the results and what's next.