Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Miraculous Merits of Magic Mouthwash

One of the ongoing side effects I’ve experienced on my Hep C treatment is sensitivity in my mouth. The area under my tongue, the inside of my lips and even spots on my tongue are uneven – not smooth like they should be – and feel as though a sore could break out any time. Some areas have been painful and I’ve had occasions where my teeth ache and it hurts to bite down, but not in the “I need a root canal” sense.

At the most recent visit to my primary care doctor I described the discomfort and with a stroke of her pen, Dr. M. prescribed relief for this annoying side effect that’s plagued me for more than two months.

The miracle: Magic Mouthwash. This stuff is amazing. Swish just a bit of it in your mouth and it immediately numbs and soothes.

Magic Mouthwash is often given to people with oral ulcers, especially cancer patients undergoing radiation or chemotherapy. I’d never heard of it until a couple of years ago and forgot about it until the doc wrote my prescription.

Please note: While the mouthwash has a cute, consumer-friendly name, it is mixed by a pharmacist according to the prescribing doctor’s specifications. It is not available without a prescription.I’m always searching for ways to ease the discomfort or challenges caused by my Hep C, transplant, medication, whatever. In my experience, people sharing their experiences with others can be as beneficial as a visit to the doctor.

If you’ve experienced similar issues or other problems, please leave a comment and describe how you dealt with it. I appreciate any and all input.

Photo by Mathias Alvebring