Monday, June 24, 2013

Good Grief! It's Only Cataract Surgery.

In a few hours my husband will take me to a local Ophthamology Surgery Center and my doctor will remove the cataract in my right eye that has grown and now affects my vision. The procedure sounds relatively simple, they're giving me enough sedation that I won't flip out when the doc cuts into my eye and considering the myriad other procedures and surgeries I've had, the surgery and recovery should be a breeze.

That said, I've had several brief episodes today where I was on the verge of tears about the surgery. Why? There seems to be no logical reason. It's such a minor procedure. I compare it to the challenge that faces one of my best friends from high school who recently learned that she has breast cancer. THAT'S worth crying over.

I believe I'm experiencing medical exhaustion. Hmm... does such a thing exist? I dread the whole pre-op process, IV stick, answering the same questions every doc asks, etc. I've done more than a lifetime's worth of this nonsense and just feel so overwhelmed and tired of it all.

Now that I've had a little pity party, it's time for me to put on my big-girl knickers and deal with the challenge in front of me. Thank you for letting me whine. The next post will be more useful and relevant - promise!

Photo courtesy of Lauri Koski