Saturday, August 8, 2009

About My Extended Break...

When I last posted on this blog, well over a month ago, I thought I was ready to resume blogging after a little break. I was wrong. And I disappeared again.

Let me tell you what has been happening...

It's taken me longer to shake the blues and recharge my batteries, so to speak. My latest bout of liver mysteries, which started at the beginning of the year, had become too stressful and I wasn't finding answers to my questions. I called my transplant coordinator in tears, having failed to lose weight and exercise as I had been directed, and begged off blood work until I could pull myself together.

So I've enjoyed a few months without tests or questions or even blogging, and ignorance has been bliss. I describe this as my "vacation from being sick" and it has been wonderful. I visited New York City with my daughter, traveled to Michigan to attend a wedding and went on several college visits with my son, who starts his senior year of high school in a few weeks. I rested, did some long-overdue home decorating and filed several years' worth of papers.

And now it's time to be a liver transplant patient with Hep C again. I have enough reserved energy to be a bit hopeful and have had enough distance to view the process with a bit of perspective. Most of all, I'm ready to resume blogging. My resolve to share my experience with others on this path has never wavered; now it's time to sit at my keyboard and resume this work.

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