Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Doctor is Better than Your Doctor

I'm grateful to have a wonderful heptologist. OK, maybe you have a great doctor, too. But mine's best and here's why:

* She keeps abreast of the latest research and advances in her field

* She understands the dilemma her patients face when it comes to healthcare and health insurance

* My doc thinks outside the box and will consider alternatives that her peers might consider unconventional

Last month my husband and I had an appointment with my doctor and she spent at least 30 minutes with us discussing results from recent bloodwork and my liver biopsy in January. The current state of my liver and hep C have created a complicated scenario where there isn't one quick, obvious or easy plan of treatment. But I'm confident that I have the right expert guiding us on this crazy journey.

Thanks, Dr. S., for everything.

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James said...

Dear Jay, So glad to discover your voice and it's an important story to tell. There are some doctors who do listen to the patient and this is called empathy. How wonderful that you and your husband have found that person. I am a recovering triple bypass patient. It was a huge event and that's a much longer story. Please do read my blog at It has morphed from the personal to other heart stories. Let's say it is more about narrative medicine.

Your blog is excellent. Keep writing.