Sunday, May 29, 2011

Great News for Hepatitis C Patients (Well, for Some of Them)

Along with other people infected with the Hepatitis C virus, I was elated when the FDA approved two new medications - telaprevir and boceprevir - both of which have proven much more effective in achieving sustained virologic response (SVR) than the current course of treatment. For people like me who have genotype 1 Hep C, the hardest to treat, the news is especially good.

Yet I just learned that treatment with one of these new medicaations may not be in my immediate future, if at all. Turns out that immunosuppressants have a negative interaction with the drugs, so liver transplant patients with Hep C can't tolerate them; at least, not for now.

Well, this just sucks. For five years we've waited for these drugs to reach the market, hoping that this would clear my Hep C and give me a chance to be realistically hopefully, and seriously consider the future, make plans, expect to be around for a good long time, enjoy some grandchildren.

But right now, the future just seems dark.

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Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

That's just sad. My doctors suggested trying treatment later after transplant. I did not know this about the immunosuppressant drugs. I find this discouraging. Hopefully newer treatments will come along by then.
I think of you often and hope you are doing well.