Friday, June 24, 2011

Not Again! The Itching is Back

About a week ago the palms of my hands began itching. My family and I were on a week-long roadtrip and I assumed it was due to the hotel laundry soap or lotion, perhaps a plant I had touched - who knows? But after a couple of days the itching spread and worsened and when I had bloodwork done this week, the mystery was solved: My bilirubin is high and I'm experiencing pruritus.

I struggled with this four months ago. Fortunately, after a few weeks my bilirubin level decreased (and finally fell into normal range) and the itching went away... until now.

There are few things more frustrating than non-stop itching. I have spots on my body that are red and irritated from scratching and I'm starting to get a bit grumpy. Ugh! I'm having hernia surgery in four days and can't imagine the combined pain-itching experience afterward. This could be interesting... and not in a good way.

Photo by SuperFantastic


beaux said...

Aren't we a pair. I'm sorry to hear this is happening.
My wife had to have a hernia repaired and it sucked for her, She thinks they tightened the sphincter too tight and it makes it hard for her to eat without vomiting. She had a difficult time. I think they should do another endoscopy and take a look at what happened.
I have a lot of itching but mine is from my psoriasis. I hope your hernia repair goes well and that they get things resolved with your meds and the itching.

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

Hope you are feeling better after your surgery. Been thinking of you. Take care.

Anonymous said...

hey, bit late, ever try cholestyramine? I had itch, went through all sorts of stuff till the found I was chronic hsv with cirrhosis. then I was treated for depression to treat the itch, I had the itch b4 I got depressed about the hcv, looked online found cholestyramine and asked dr what she though said give it a try but watch the vitamins. Day or 2 later no itch, gone am on minamum dose or some days I skip it, but it is hard to get used to it again bowel wise, eat lotsa fiber i found billy lvl was high but no yellowing. AND its cheap! any itchy folks with liver troubles, high bile acids or unknown why your itching ask!