Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Liver is Misbehaving

Two days ago I saw the vampires, who drew blood for my regular set of "how's-the-ol'-liver-working?" lab tests. Yesterday afternoon, at nearly 6:00 p.m. on Friday, my transplant coordinator called - and given the timing and knowing she was working late, I knew the news wasn't going to be so great. It wasn't.

Looks as though the supposed Hepatitis C flare-up I had three months ago has recurred. Here were the results for the key labs we track:
Alkaline Phosphate 316
GGT 570
AST 355
ALT 417

AST and ALT are the more critical elements and given that the normal range for both is 0 - 40, my results aren't good news. I need to go to my transplant center next week to have a liver biopsy, so we can find out what's gone awry.

I don't have to throw myself off the roof or anything yet, but I'm worried. The best guess right now is that I might be experiencing some degree of rejection. I'm not familiar with this (I had a rejection episode when I was in ICU after my transplant, but don't remember it - or much of anything else - from that period of time). I now get to learn about the different degrees of rejection and what is done to treat it. I thought if you experienced rejection, the liver simply failed, fell out of your body and you needed a new one so desperately that anyone involved jumped into a helicopter to fly around and look for a liver. Apparently, that only happens on TV.

When you read this post, would you please say a little prayer that my liver settles down and gets back to work? I will be ever so grateful.

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I am saying prayers for you now. Hang in there and try not to stress too much. As you already know there are varying degrees of rejection and episodes of rejection can happen at any time.
I am praying for good health and peace of mind for you.
Keep us posted.