Tuesday, February 17, 2009

TIME Magazine's In-depth Look at Medicine and Religion

The new issue of TIME just arrived and I can't wait to read the Mind & Body special feature by Jeffrey Kluger. "How Faith Can Heal" is a multi-page assessment of how people all over the globe turn to God during times of illness. As Kluger puts it,
... there is nothing we pray - or chant or meditate - for more than health.

The section is comprehensive, covering everything from Holy Water in Lourdes, France and the Holy Rock in Lac, Albania, to a Shamanic ritual in Siberia, Russia and Santeria ceremony in Havana, Cuba. It also recommends books and websites.

Given my chronic illness, I intend to read every word of the section - even the technical medical terms I don't understand. I'm a left-brained cynic for the most part, yet I firmly believe in the power of prayer and, more importantly, in the power of faith, which have carried me through my challenging journey.

Let me know what you think once you've read the section. I appreciate other people's perspectives because they teach me and broaden my appreciation for almost any topic.

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