Friday, September 25, 2009

(Hopefully) Big News Awaits at the AASLD Conference!

AASLD - the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases - holds its 60th annual conference October 30 - November 3, 2009 in Boston. Yes!

I fear that I've become geekier than ever, because I'm pretty stoked about this upcoming meeting of many of the greatest liver docs and researchers on the planet. Some of the most useful information I've dug up about hepatitis C and liver transplants has come from the conference, where a great number of research projects and studies are discussed and/or results presented.

This year, for example, Vertex Pharmaceuticals will present data from studies that evaluated telepravir, which Vertex describes as a "investigational hepatitis C virus (HCV) protease inhibitor." The hepatologists at my transplant center have been following these studies and if they're interested, so am I, particularly about results from "a pooled analysis of PROVE 1 and PROVE 2 in 'difficult-to-cure' patients" - and I fall into that category. Click here to view the entire news release about the Vertex presentations planned for the AASLD Conference.

Of course, I'm a layman and novice and none of this may pertain to me and my situation. Nonetheless, it's cause for hope and I'll be optimistic for now.

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