Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Self-described "Vacation" is Over - Here are the Latest Lab Results

Let's start with the good news: Most of my blood work came back looking really good. Almost everything is in range and even my blood sugar, which has been far too high for the past six weeks (in spite of oral meds and insulin) was 121. Excellent!

Then there are the liver enzymes. I've set a personal record, my friends. ALT is a whopping 690 (normal range is 0 - 40) and AST is 519 (range 0 - 40). GGT is 494 (range 0 - 60), which is the best reading I've had since last December.

I'll have labs repeated in three weeks and we'll see what that reveals. Obviously, something is awry (the doc speculates that it's part of the ongoing Hep C flare-up, yet this begs the question, How long can a flare-up last?). I'll also work on losing weight and keeping diabetes under control; hopefully, it will reduce impact of metabolic syndrome/fatty liver.

Weight and diabetes are an ongoing struggle. I asked about a magic pill to help and my transplant coordinator suggested Weight Watchers. Ugh. She's right, darn her.

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