Wednesday, July 21, 2010



I've been to five doctor appointments in the past week (one for my son, the others for me) and the deluge of information has exceeded the capacity of my brain. My personal health situation/treatment has undergone some significant shifts: I have pages of notes to review (so I don't forget anything) and lots of new meds to take (oh, and did I mention the possible new side effects? gastro distress, of course).

It's all a bit overwhelming tonight. Thankfully, it's much quieter from here (at least in the short run). A visit to the vampires tomorrow (back to the lab - sigh - with weekly lab visits for a while), a dental check next week and perhaps visit to the eye doc. With these in hand, it's simple weekly monitoring (I hope) and "tweaks" to meds (I hope).

Excuse me for now - I need a nap.

Photo by Keith Syvinski

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