Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sorting it Out

We've entered new and mysterious territory. Preliminary results from Monday's biopsy lead my docs to believe that I'm having a rejection episode. That said, there was a great deal of inflamation and they are waiting for the detailed report they'll receive tomorrow to know better what's happening.

Jaundice is most definitely at play. My eyes seemed a bit clearer Monday and yesterday, but are very yellow again today. A quick liver panel done Monday showed my bilirubin had increased to 11.8 - quite a jump from 7.8 last Thursday.

Current protocol: Steroids. Visiting nurse administered them via IV yesterday and today. Tomorrow I switch to pills. Also hoping for more feedback tomorrow based on detailed lab results.

I'll post more as I learn more. I can't find anything on this topic online, at least as it relates to a timetable this far after transplantation. If anyone else needs the info I hope to help them find it here.

Photo from Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine, October 2009

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