Monday, April 25, 2011

Scanned, Poked and Prodded

It's been quite a month! April is the month when I have my annual medical check-ups. So far I've had a mammogram and my teeth cleaned, and soon I'll see the opthamologist and dermatologist. I also had a bone density scan (my first).

As I type this, I'm preparing for what's probably my least favorite scan: Colonoscopy. And by preparing, I mean that I'm gagging down pints of MoviPrep and running to the bathroom. I received helpful advice from a friend and have kept the liquid very chilled (I poured it over ice in a glass before drinking) and chugged it through a straw (so I don't taste it too much). The silver lining in this cloud, besides news of a healthy colon, should be a temporary (at least) loss of weight.

After this thorough medical survey, I wonder: Why do mammograms have to be so uncomfortable? And why must prepping for a colonoscopy have to involve such a vile tasting liquid? When you consider the advances in science and medicine, these unpleasant experiences seem unnecessary.

Oh, well. Gotta run (pun intended).

Photo by Jyn Meyer


beaux said...

It does seem like after years of medical research and such, they could have come up with a better tasting ingredient by now. I mean when you think about it, we're trying get the crap out of us and they're making us drink some pretty foul stuff.
I'm wishing you all the best, and thanks for the nice comment the other day. Take care of yourself. I actually have a lot of these same visits to the doctors this month.

Amy Tippins said...

I'm sorry, but that last line was funny. I remember when I had my colonoscopy when I was waiting on my transplant and it was awful. Don't worry, you will gain the weight back after the not being able to eat for 24hours. Is that how long it is? My last one was 19 years ago and I have no idea how long you had to go without food.