Sunday, April 24, 2011

Small Signs of Progress

In a sure indication that I'm recovering from the rejection episode I had last August, this week I discontinued two of my medications and decreased the dosage of another. Cartwheels!

I don't have words to express how tired I am of taking meds. One of my prescriptions requires me to take four capsules twice a day; another is three tablets twice daily. Then there are the rest of the prescribed meds and vitamins and the whole diabetes/insulin routine. The yearly cost, even on our prescription plan, is close to $2,000.

Don't get me wrong: I realize the meds are important. And I'm taking far fewer pills than I did immediately after my liver transplant (64 pills each day back then). Managing them, however, is tough because I work with three pharmacies, and at times the meds and/or dosages change weekly.

To me, fewer pills means progress, and progress makes me feel hopeful. Hooray!

Photo by Marek Bernat

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