Monday, August 15, 2011

Tackling the Itch: A Medication That Worked and the Skin Products That Helped Most

For many weeks I've been vexed by severe itching. The condition is called pruritis and it's caused by my poorly functioning liver. The two meds I tried so far didn't work, so my doc prescribed a third: Cholestryramine. At last, we found something that works! What a relief. Few things are more uncomfortable than incessant itching and I'm very grateful for relief.

Note: Mark left a comment on my June 24, 2011 blog post, recommending Cholestyramine. You were right - thank you for your suggestion!

Pruritis is a condition that isn't alleviated by topical treatments. Calamine lotion and products like it are ineffective. Nonetheless, I kept my skin well moisturized - why run the risk of dry skin itch compounding the existing pruritis, right?

Here are the moisturizing products that I've been using, all of which I highly recommend:
Skin Free makes my favorite skin care products. They're super-rich without being oily. The body balm is a great all-over moisturizer that I usually apply in the shower before toweling dry after bathing. And the butter stick is the best smelling moisturizer I've ever used.

My every-day, all-day-long lotion is made by Gold Bond. Obviously, Gold Bond isn't just for just for jock itch. I use the Ultimate Healing Skin Therapy Lotion. As the company states, this lotion has "... aloe to heal dry, problem skin." It's the thickest lotion I've ever used and while it costs more than other brands, to me it's well worth the money.

Lastly, I recommend Eucerin. I first used the Original Moisturizing Creme in the hospital after my liver transplant, when it was given to me by docs. I was told to put it on my lips, which were scraped and terribly scabbed by tape used to hold tubes in place. It was very healing and I'm happy to say that my lips are as good as new.

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