Thursday, August 4, 2011

Walgreens Came to My Rescue Today and Gave Me Great Customer Service -- United Healthcare's Specialty Pharmacy SUCKS

Nothing like a bucket of bad customer service to kick me out of my misery. Today, Walgreens was able to solve a problem in about ten minutes that UHC's in-house specialty pharmacy hasn't been able to fix in a week. My local Walgreens pharmacy has come through on so many issues - large and small - over the years that I am VERY pleased to brag about how good they are.

Conversely, there are a couple of meds that I'm required to order through my United Healthcare's (UHC, my health insurance provider) own specialty pharmacy. Although I've spent at least about an hour each day talking to a customer service rep trying to fill the order for my immunosuppressants, the matter is unresolved. Each person was nice, but no one got the job done.

At this point, the whole matter has become a comedy of errors and UHC looks like one of the worst-run companies aaround.

Walgreens, however, has been awesome.

And someone at UHC is going to receive a phone call from me, and (forgive me) shit WILL hit the fan!

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